Why is one of my 3 chickens so noisy... not sure how to help her?


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May 18, 2011
When we first got our 3 chicks (a few days before Easter when they were 2 days old), "Madeline" was very noisy for the first 2 days. She cried on and off, more on than off it seemed. Well, it stopped and we were very relieved. Now, however, she has started up again. She is about 18 weeks old and she goes back and forth between the front door and the back door crying. It sounds a lot like the cry she cries whenever she gets separated from the "flock". I peek out though and see all three chickens. So, what in the worls is she upset about? How can we help her? She's not hungry or thirsty. Even though we have a small city lot, we have several water/feed containers. The chicken cries even when my son (main caregiver and feeder of treats) is out there. It only stops when we are all out there. This has been going on a while and I am concerned about neighbor complaints. Yesterday, she stopped for a little while while I was in doing laundry. I thought finally, all was well. And then, I walked out and found them all in my kids' playroom, perched on different toys.

Is she just a noisy chicken? We got Red Stars because we thought they were quieter? Any suggestions would be great.
I have one out of 21 that talks all the time especially when we are outside. She will follow us around the coop as we are cleaning and never stops chatting. It can be a little much to take, but I think she is just a chatter box.
My chickens got very vocal around 17-18 weeks, just prior to laying. After a few weeks they quieted down.

Do you have nest box available for your girls - at 18 weeks they could start laying anytime.
Oooooh mine have been more vocal lately as well and they are around the same age --- could this be "pre-laying" chatter? I likee!!! Fingers crossed for eggs soon!
Sounds like she wants to be a house chicken. Also it may be that she thinks of you and your family as part of her fock and she is upset that part of her flock is missing when you are not outside with her.
We always seem to have what my grandkids call a Whiney in the group! She's probably getting ready to lay, but she'll probably always be a drama queen.
x2. I have one that will actually "knock" at the door. I have little peck marks all on the corner of it now. As soon as anyone opens the door she comes scurrying in and runs for the kitchen. I guess she remembers being brooded in there in an aquarium as a chick ... that, and all the goodies that come out of the "great white box"
I have three hens, and my alpha hen, the Jersey Giant, is quite noisy and bossy and can really make a racket. I just write it off to her being my alpha hen and in charge.
Mine get this way when laying,being seperated from the group,or seeing a predator. I used to rush in and try to hush them up,but now I kind of like it.

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