Why is she doing this?


11 Years
Sep 9, 2008
Pilot Mountain, NC
So I have 3 mystery hens that look relativly the same (browny/black). One that looks like a roo but is not. They dont' have names, they are just called "the ladies" Well, one of the browny ones has been laying while the other three hens have not. The one that looks like a roo was lording over the browny one in the nesting box a little while ago. Do you think she is waiting for a spot? BTW the nesting box is 3 feet long so there is plenty of room for them to get in side by side. Also, the reason I don't know what breed my hen might be is because I ordered the "Assortments of Standard Chickens, Assorted Chick
Pullet " from Ideal about two years ago. These are what's left of my original order... I'm learning to get hens that I can tell APART now
Do you have a roo? The reason I ask is, if you don't have a roo your dominate hen can take on roo characteristics. She more than likely won't lay an egg while being the "roo" either. To correct this you would need to get a roo.
Yup, I have a roo. Two in fact. One is a Mystery roo whose father was put in the original shipment for "warmth" and this is his offspring. I also have a white crested, tho he's still a youngin...only about 3 mos old.

But I did figure out why she was doing this. I couldnt' stand it so I went out in the rain and checked. The speckledy one that looks like a roo (by this I mean her comb) was sitting in the spot and I looked under her and there were two eggs
She's the only white egg layer I have right now, so she's finally decided this new place is "A-O.K." I guess. Two eggs today and the others were right there watching her...maybe I'll get three
My crazy hens lay in the same nest. They just wait till one gets finished and they go lay and on and on.

It's great cause I don't have to go hunting eggs

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