Why is that


10 Years
Jan 23, 2010
73 degrees inside your house with the windows open is just a little to warm but
73 degrees with the A/C on is to cold and
73 degrees with the Heater on will burn you out of the house

It 73 degrees supposed to be 73 degrees????
I agree!
Another thing,
if you dig a hole, why is there never enough dirt to fill it back in?
That one has always puzzled me.
We're in that time of year around here. Windows open feels great in the evenings, but they have to be closed before bed because it's too cool. Open them again for the beautiful morning and close them again before it get too hot; A/C back on.
yep I am in the same boat gritsar. tired of opening and closing windows but sure do enjoy the fresh air. That is why it made me think to ask lol. Sure was a nice couple of weeks. Now back to constant A/C with 88 degree temps

Yes so true about the dirt. I have often wondered about that as well
that's easy, with the windows open the humidity makes the heat index higher, with the A/C on the humidity is very low making it feel colder, with the heat on the contrast of the outdoors makes it feel much warmer in the house.

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