why is won't my chick stop crying?


10 Years
Mar 19, 2009
She's maybe a week old, been doing fine this whole time. Now she roams around pecking at the ground and walls, crying most of the time. Some times she'll nod off, then quickly wake up and start crying loudly again. She's warm. She's fed. She's watered. But she doesn't seem to care about anything but chirping.

We've already lost one runt from our recently aquired chick-flock, so now every remotely strange thing a chick does freaks us out, and we come scouring the internet for answers. any suggestions?

If she's not in with other chicks, I'd agree with the above. But it sounds like you have more and the rest of them are happy?

If so, she could just be a talker. Add some toys or roosts or other distractions. Plan for a quick move of them all to the coop (with heat lamp of course), or buy earplugs!
if she is alone, i would get her a friend, the other thought is to spend some time holding her- i have a bantam that did that, and she just wanted some snuggles
Like everyone has already pointed out, it needs a friend! Chickens do much better in groups and don't thrive very well on their own, as you are quickly finding out.

Go to the feed store today and see if you can't find a friend for your chick.
Thanks for the replies. Shes living with 8 additional chicks, so she isn't lonely. Also, she's the only chick who WONT stop crying when being held. She just seems kind of off. I'll try comming up with some other distractions for her.

Thanks again
I had a chick like that last year who also had a chick buddy. She just would not stop crying. It was insane and I was going crazy
. I chalked it up to she was just a cry baby. She was really only somewhat happy if I was near her but she still wouldn't completely stop crying. As a full grown hen, she is still very needy. I feel for you

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