Why let shipped eggs sit?

If the air cells are damaged or unattached, sitting them pointy end down in egg cartons help them settle. They won't settle well on their sides. And 24 hours won't make any difference, but I leave mine for just 12 hours, as I prefer to set at midnight, and my postie arrives at lunchtime!!
Mine go in the bator pointing side down. I'd think if I didn't turn them they'd settle fine in the bator. Any reason why they wouldn't?
I usually put mine in the bator about an hour or so after I get them & I too put them pointy side down in an egg carton since the minute they arrive. I don't know if it's mandatory or not to leave them out of the bator for a certain time period but I don't & I have oodles of babies growing right now...but that really isn't proof one method is superior over the other
I put mine in the bator to settle because every minute they stay cooler makes me paranoid their hatchability goes down. I don't think that's true for fresh eggs but it just seems unnatural for them to get cold. One reason I heard you should let them settle outside the bator is to prevent temp shock because they need to be room temp first...
That was kinda my thought. The sooner you can get them in the bator, the better. Just was wondering if there was a reason you couldn't settle them pointy side down in the bator, assuming you don't have the turner going.

I thought I had read somewhere on here that one person doesn't turn them for the first three days anyway.

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