Why my eggs taste better then everyone elses!


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Aug 10, 2009
We use to buy free run eggs from the grocery store, in which I would always whine about the price. Since I'm a animal lover and have the space I thought I would like to have my own chickens and my own fresh eggs to eat as well as some pets. (I've always liked chickens) I decide three hens would be perfect. I'll put them in the old barn and use the kennel for their outdoor run. So in July I order some sand and gravel for their run $160.00, then I buy three ISO hens at 10 @ thats $30.00 and then I buy three more at 15.00 each= $45.00 and then 4 more at 25 each which is $100.00 There is no way three is enough. Then I need sod to lay down in their area for them so that they can have access to dirt and grass! thats another $60. 00 plus one whole afternoon of sweating... no need to go to the gym that day! Then two bags of laying mash at 18 a bag and oyster shell at 9. and then grit at 9. thats $58.00 By September I'm thrilled I'm getting one...maybe two eggs a day!! wow!they are delicious tasting! the best ever!...must be all the mealworms and corn and flaxseed I'm buying for them! Then one gets the sniffles...have the Vet look at her, nothing a little tetraycline won't clear up. It's cheap enough $9.00 for a whole pack! Then I think I should deworm them as well. $7.50 for some peperzine...oops better do ivomec ...oh gosh thats 54.00...but I think it's okay it will last a long time. Then another chicken gets a foamy looking eye? what sniffles too? People on board seem to think Tylan 50 is the thing to use, consult Vet and she agrees. So off to the Vet supply place I go and pick up a $72.00 bottle of yellow powder. I swallow a little hard over this one...but well it's all for the good of the chickens. Then it's getting cold out so away I go to get electric water dish $35.00 and a heat lamp $15.00 ...oh maybe thats not going to be warm enough, better get a ceramic heater as well...another $39.00 oh and then some stall dry and more shavings $20.00. gosh I'm almost out of laying mash and corn...$18.00 and $9.00 Okay well I'm all set and $661.00 later I have ate 35 delicious eggs!! I ask myself why these eggs are so good? and you know why they're so good? Because they cost me about 18.00 PER EGG !! Now THAT IS A EXPENSIVE EGG! They just gotta be that good! better then everyone elses..I'M CONVINCED lol



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Jun 23, 2009
We have an unoffical $1000 egg club around here ... you have to spend about a grand getting started in your chicken hobby, and then put your first egg up for sale on Ebay for $1000.



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May 21, 2009
san diego, cali
Such a funny and true post
ANd......................it goes on and on..lol I believe though, that they will get cheeper as you go along and stay just as delicious


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No doubt, there is a frugal thread running. Most people say they raise their own chickens. ????
I don't raise mine for the savings. I raise them to teach my kids responsibility and be a little more self sufficient. If I don't want to buy eggs one week.....tough!! That means the chickens don't eat.


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Jul 2, 2009
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Small Coop $300
Large coop $900
waters (8) $ 97
feeders (5) $ 38
chickens $ 41
Feed (6 mo) $ 110
Total $1486

The 4 eggs I've gotten so far from 18 pullets are the most expensive eggs I've eaten and by far the best.

The good new is mathmatically, the price of the eggs will only go down from here on. Though the look on people's faces when I tell them I had a $1400 omlette for breakfast is priceless.

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You are spending way too much on artificial "protection" for your flock.
The more natural they are to their environment the less your cost.

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