Why NOT to mess with me or my Truck....

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  1. Miss Red

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    Apr 26, 2010
    Trinity, Texas
    A little back story for anyone who doesn't know Trixie... She's not exactly the friendliest of dogs(shes trained to protect me and anything that's mine and is a known biter when she feels I've been threatened in any way) but is containable by the sound of my voice. She has a recall, this was a controlled test... Roy and Trixie already don't get along so it was easy to get her to "protect" me and my truck. The whole test started when I went to get hay, he was to push me and she backed him off the loaded up when I was "safe" in the truck... Manwhile Blue was busy trying to lick him to death.

    There is a second video loading of me calling her off if anyones curious to see how easy she's called off or how mean she can get. ENJOY!

    Let me know if the link doesn't work. I'll post the recall video when it loads.
  2. ScaredOfShadows

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    LOL. Honestly that behavior your 'friend' was displaying is only aggravating the dog - thats not really her protecting you she is acting aggressive because she has a situation in front of her that annoys her and or scares her. She goes forward and then back a bit right, but not right at him, either she is well trained that way or she is half scared in this situation. Even if she stops and heels at you on command after this, I would not want a dog trained by aggravation like that to be in my yard with someone who might get smart and try making noises and accidentally set the dog off. [​IMG]

    My eldest dog is about 10 and she is trained in english, german, and sign to 'attack' which isn't what it sounds like but is a vocal and lunging similar to your dog, but she is much more aggressive barking, full on till about a foot away then she's trained to stop, and then if the target doesn't get the idea she gets the command 'bite' which is just a holding bite, and a command only in german to actually bite hard , 'hold' means keep the bite/grip, 'release' to let loose, an 'around' and 'evade' command which means to retreat from target and come back for an attack/bite command from behind. She will do the 'attack' lunging without command if I or my DD gets tense around someone like my neighbor I don't like - and who is now petrified of her. heh.

    I just worry your dog shows signs of being fearfully aggressive in this clip - more than protecting. - is she trained by you only? or a trainer?

    Anyway it is good to have a big mouth and a set of teeth around with you for atleast intimidation [​IMG]
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    Apr 19, 2008
    Quote:I agree,,she looks like she is showing fear to me..maybe get her to a real trainer for security and k-9 dogs and work with them,,you will get a much more sane and stable dog then..I dont mind a dog that thinks for itself,but they need to be trained how to react in those situations.
  4. Miss Red

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    Apr 26, 2010
    Trinity, Texas
    She was never given the command to bite. Just to hold her ground... And yes a LOT of her aggression is fearful, is how the trainer put it to me. Trixie was taught more or less to just hold her ground, her coming back to me and backing away ar unseen hand signs. If you notice the whole time she's constantly aware of where I was.

    Yes, he was just aggitating her. BUT had he a weapon in his hand or actually been attacking me she can and will remove it from his hand.

    She only has about six months or so of training in protection thus far, but I need to find a closer trainer the one I was using was a several hour drive and we were both stressed upon arrival. I started her on it after she put her life on the line for me back in January, I realized she had the drive for it and wanted to enforce it somehow. Now if you notice in this video once she came back (even with me screaming and saying "get him" ) shed been given the retreat and hold command (if you listen closely you hear my hand hit the truck as I went to recall her) and stayed between myself and him in an eerily calm fashion.

    Any pointers on what to and not to praise her for in an aggrivated situation like that? I praised on her holding after being called off, which is one of the things I remember from our last session. I will see if I can't get one or two of her when someone has a weapon. Sticks, not guns. We haven't got around to gun training yet... I know that's going to be a WHOLEEE new ballgame.

    Now remember were both new to these type of events my last dog was a gift to me and he was already trained SO I'm having a hard time from start to finish.

  5. Miss Red

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    Apr 26, 2010
    Trinity, Texas
    I'm currently looking for a closer trainer to help out. My aunt was helping, she trains GSDs for the PD but she lives six hours away. So basically she's still acting out of fear? Any simple at home ways to work around it? I'm not planning another trip her way until September and she basically said I'd probably have to start over... SO looking for a closer trainer begins Monday. ETA: I don't know why I started laughing at the end... Something the hay man said about her...

    Quote:I agree,,she looks like she is showing fear to me..maybe get her to a real trainer for security and k-9 dogs and work with them,,you will get a much more sane and stable dog then..I dont mind a dog that thinks for itself,but they need to be trained how to react in those situations.
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  6. redhen

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    I would never EVER let my dog be agressive to a human being. Unless you REALLY know how to train them correctly and safely. (As in a TRAINED/certified guard dog trainer.). And even then..i still think that its a bad idea to put a dog in harms way... I would be devastated if my dog lost its life defending me..... i'd rather it run off and be a sissy! [​IMG] For real though...
    You can really mess up a dog... and then it bites a person and has to be put down..and its not even the dogs fault.
    Sorry.. bad idea..IMO.
    But to each their own business... [​IMG]
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  7. sourland

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    Amen, attack or guard trained dogs are not toys.
  8. Akane

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    Jun 15, 2008
    In my opinion any dog that shows fear aggression should not be trained for protection. They don't have the confidence and stability to react properly to the situation. Some day something will set them off and they will do far more than they should. Dogs with a natural tendency towards protection and particularly those that show a fear reaction should be trained to react as little as possible. Most guard dogs don't need to be trained to guard. What they need to know are the situations in which they don't have to react. A good guard dog that has been taught what situations not to react to will automatically know which situations are not right and be able to judge by your body language how serious things are. For personal protection and not police or rescue work they will know when you need them without having to be taught. I don't know any good trainer that would set up random situations just to see how riled up and defensive they can get their dog or to test if their recall is good enough to stop them by itself. Especially without the aggressor wearing any protection.
  9. rodriguezpoultry

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    I was going to type something...but you know...I'm just gonna sit and let others voice what I'm thinking on this one.
  10. mom'sfolly

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    Feb 15, 2007
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    You have a "known biter" that you are teasing. You are laughing and giggling while giving her a "command" to get him; and his behavior is deliberately annoying. This is a dangerous situation, and in no way is training your dog to react in a threat situation. What you are training her for in this video is to become aggressive in a play situation. This will end up with a dog that seriously bites someone while you are fooling around, giggling, and having fun. Scenario one, you are playing football with friends, laughing, playing, encouraging some one to get someone else, and you get grabbed. This dog is going to go ballistic, and someone is going to get hurt.

    Find a trainer.

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