why only 50% quail eggs hatched

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6 Years
Sep 11, 2013
why only 50% quail eggs hatched i had put 30 coturnix quails in incubator with ventilation keeping temperature from 99 to 100 but only 15 eggs hatched the i put 24 eggs but same 50% rate achieved and put 300 eggs purchased from a farm they start hatching after 14 days till 125 eggs are hatched but it seems that again i got 50% rate. So where is the problem what is going wrong with me??
I agree with the above, I suspect your incubator temperature and/or humidity is incorrect. It can happen easily, for example if you use a faulty thermometer (like I did with my first hatch). I'd suggest that first off that you calibrate your thermometer, there's more info that here:



Some questions: Is your incubator a forced air or a still air model? (With or without a fan). Also where in the incubator did you take the reading? Some incubators, even good ones, have warmer and cooler spots, so it's important that you measure it accurately, all over, especially in a still air model (without a fan). Do you know what the humidity was during incubation and lockdown?
Sir my incubator has a fan and i don't know what the humidity is?
is there any way to check humidity without hygrometer because i don't have any.
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