Why quail?


12 Years
Jun 17, 2007
What are your reasons for keeping quail?

My curiosity has been piqued, now and I don't know the first thing about quail. I see alot of people here on BYC have quail, and just yesterday I saw button quail at a pet/feed store for the first time. They are very cute and mesmerizing. The store is selling them for $20ea or $35/pair. I thought that was pretty expensive.

So I'm curious, do you raise quail as pets only or is there other benefits I don't know about?

Thanks in advance for your take on it!
you can eat them or their eggs, they're fun to watch, and make fun pets as well. I am getting some for pets.
Buttons are just for looking at enjoyment and breeding but technically you could eat them and their eggs...tho theres not much there.

I breed and raise coturnix because I just love them. They are like miniature chickens in temperment and egg laying ability.

PLus their meat is delicious.

They come in several colors and are fun to breed for genetics, plus they mature in 6-8 weeks and are perfect for genetics as i already said. lol

Buttons are too flighty for me..and yes that price for them at the feed store is high unless they are rare colors.
I paid $1.00 each for my coturnix male/female mixed, I enjoy the meat but seems like the best selling feature is the pickled eggs. Meat is great too but then I lose income from the eggs. Guess I need to just get more quail and raise them then I wouldn't have anything to worry about.
Entertainment for the child (coturnix will probably be better, the buttons don't seem to appreciate being watched, lol), meat, eggs, relaxation. Yes, I plan to use the button eggs (if they ever come) for food as well. Can't wait to eat the button eggs, how cute could your snack possibly get? Perfect, toddler size eggs.
Thanks for all the replies, and other links too! Glad to see others have asked the same questions! I'm definitely intrigued.

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