why she doing this???


8 Years
May 1, 2011
Have been away for 2 weeks on vacation and I get back and 2 buff orpington hens have no chest feathers there is no blood or scratching so she pulled them out carefully and I haven't been able to check but is this a sign or being broddy or what? Cause I can't tell
Hens often pull out the belly feathers when they're broody, because they like the eggs to touch their skin.........Are they setting on the nest alot? It could also be from parasites......Just give them a quick look over......
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Yes it can be. Check to see if she's spending alot of time in the nest. Mostly in the afternoon and night.

I wish for whatever it is you'd like,

I can't tell I checked twice yesterday and they hadn't moved same spot this morn, can a mom have chicks survive in winter, and were she pillows ain't red or irratated at all, they don't bit when I lift them, but seem to try and fluff around the few eggs when sit back down,
And if she is is it mean to take the eggs away and give some of specific breeds that I want hatchted?
Strong indication hen is broody. Chicks can survive winter but will be a challenge to keep them in good food and water if below freezing. Ocassionally I had game hens set in dead of winter and if chicks were to survive some sort of chick starter feed was needed. Some chicks would survive even if only supplemental feed was hog feed.

Generally my broody hens pull few if any breast feathers. Rather the skin on breast is very stretchy enabling hen to open up a broad "brood patch" of necked skin you observed.
No its not mean she probly wont notice just switch em. I'm subscribing to this thread
Well I looked under one hen only 1 egg if she is gonna go broody from just one egg gonna have a problem with her going broddy a lot
The number of eggs present has absolutely nothing to do with a hen going broody - it's hormonally induced, and yes she will probably go broody a lot.

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