Why the flat new hatched? & Fowl Pox

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    Hey peeps, I can't seem to find a current answer to my question so hopefully you can help. I'm relatively new to raising chickens, only a few months. My question is, is it normal to find a few chicks dead once a bunch is hatched? A couple of months ago, a bunch of 14 hatched & I found 4 that were flattened. Just yesterday, 11 hatched & 3 were flattened. I never have this problem when I use an incubator, so I assume that the mother is the one that flattened them due to space restriction in the nest? Is there anything I can do to lessen this problem?

    2nd part of my problem is that my first batch of 6 weeks are getting the Fowl Pox. A couple of them already died & a couple of them has so many that their eyes are closed shut. It seems that their constant scatching is making it worst. Is this normal? is there anything I can do?

    Thanks ahead for your help!
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    Quote:I'll give you some advice on the Fowl Pox....

    It is spread by mosquitos. .. . .
    It comes in two forms - - Dry pox - effecting mostly the skin outside the body
    Wet pox - effecting the inside

    The Dry pox has high rates of survival for the chicken, BUT the wet pox is a hard one to beat. It makes the birds immunity weaken for respiratory infections.
    You have to put the birds on anitbiotics for 14 days. Then you need to treat the eyes and scabs with triple antibiotic ( NO PAIN KILLER - JUST PLAIN triple antibiotic).
    You treat with the oinment TWICE a day for the 14 days or until the scabs and eyes are totally healed.

    The chickens will spread it to other chickens by pecking at each other and through the scabs.

    It is a real PITA to beat. You have to be deligent. You have to use a CLEAN cotton swab on each bird each time you apply the ointment. PLUS, you have to quarantine the birds from others.
    YOU can spread it to the other birds via your shoes and clothing. You should feed and water ALL THE OTHER birds first, do the sick birds LAST and then go bathe! WASH your shoes.... AND repeat each time you go out to the birds.

    NEXT TIME, if you want to avoid the nightmare of fowl pox... vaccinate your birds.
    You can NOT vaccinate while you have the outbreak because it is a live vaccine.
    You can vaccinate chicks as young as 1 day old using a chick pox vaccine. Then, when the birds are aound 12 weeks old.... you administer the grown up vaccine as a booster.

    I have first hand experience with fowl pox and now vaccinate every set of chicks I hatch.
    I order my vaccince from either

    First State Vet Supply
    Jefferspet.com ( livestock catalog)

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