WHY ! WHY! WHY!! Can't they just get along!!!

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    Nov 7, 2007
    Okay...Early spring I bought an older black polish Hen with the funky head feathers...I slowly put her into the group of girls and things worked out okay....IN April I got a free Rooster(first one) ...came with the horse we bought for DD....He totally pecked off her head feathers ...I seperated them and he would just go nuts trying to get at her....needless to say he became a fine tasting broth for my neighbour down the road....then I had 5 americana eggs hatch out and one was a rooster....they have all been together over the last 22 weeks everything was fine until this week...I noticed my roo trying to impress the girls with a dance and puffing his feathers and now HE"S picking on my polish hen...chasing her back into the coop....what should I do? I have no other coop with a run .I do have a large dog cage that i used before to seperate the birds.MY other chickens are white leghorns and sex links and RIR crosses..19 hens and one roo
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    He is a rooster, feeling his oats. He seems to be picking on her because she is easier to catch than the others, on account she cant always see him comming, and her head is easier to catch! how many hens do you have? can you add more to distract him? He isnt going to stop trying to mount, its what they do, it sounds awful to us, and is upsetting, but it really is just the way they are. If she squatted for him, he would 'wrap it up, and be on his way. Saddly you cant really explain that to her. I wouldnt worry about it too much unless you see her going bald again, and then you need to get serious, either more hens of breedable age, or less roosters.

    Good Luck! I am having Roo issues right now too, so I understand the frustration.

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