Why won’t my parakeet take a bath?


Mar 5, 2017
Hi! I have a parakeet that is almost a year old! And she is scared of everything! Even me! So I final found a bathtub to go in her cage and I put it on the ground but she WONT go in it! :( I think she is scared of it! Lol it has a mirror in it and I only filled it up a few inches! I’m keeping it in therejust in case she decides to go in but why won’t she take a bath!? Is it bad that she won’t?


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Jul 3, 2016
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If your bird is hand-tame, you might see how she feels about trickling water. Be warned - if she likes it, you're going to get a bath, too!
Never had a housebird that wanted to bathe in pans of water, so I'd put down a small towel in a bathroom sink (for traction) start trickling a little water, put in the bird, and then tent another towel over the faucet and sink. You can peek in to see how they're doing by lifting an edge, and the towel on top takes care of the mess when they shake and keeps them in the sink until you're ready to let them out.
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