Why won't she lay?


Jun 14, 2016
My white Silkie went broody about four months ago, and I let her go naturally through it. Before that she laid an egg every other day or so, but she stopped.
She is two years old
Free range
Fed layer feed
No oyster shell because she's free range
She doesn't have a Silkie friend, the only buddy she has is a Muscovy hen
All the others pick on her
Hi! I would suggest feeding oyster shell even though they free range. They don't need supplemental grit if they free range because they pick up little stones on their own, but they won't necessarily get enough calcium. It also sounds like she may not be laying because she's stressed from the pecking order (everything else seems fine). Here are some articles about bullying. Good luck!
Alright thank you! I'm thinking about getting her a rooster - mate to help protect her. Thanks again! I will probably pick up a bag of oyster shell too.
I forgot (I don't know if this changes anything though) the duck and Silkie don't live with the others, she is bullied because they don't know her. I still think I'll get the rooster though. I feel really bad for her.
Ok great! We are in the process of rehoming the bullies so I think it'll smooth over? I hope. It's a good integration method though isn't it. I've used once before. Cotton (the Silkie) is my "mom" . She takes care of new chicks, no matter how old they are. Her "babies" don't bully her.

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