Why wouldnt this work?


12 Years
May 29, 2007
Chicken Country, U S A

This is an Edstrom valve, part of the autowater system for my rodents.
I have all the parts I need to make a 6 station/5gallon autowaterer for the chickens.
These valves are adjustable as to the amount of force need to operate.
They only real difference I can see between thse and the poultry specific ones are the shape.
The Pin is long enough, and if they are positioned properly, the chickens should be able to use these after some practice.

All my chicks are currently drinking from rodent lix-it(the ball-bearing type) bottles right now anyways . . .

Being able to give them 5 or even 10/15 gallons at a time will really save alot of time.
I have so many parts for this, it would be silly not to try.

Who is happy that they installed an autowaterer using any of the various available valves?
I know this saves me many hours a week on the rodent-rack.


11 Years
Sep 19, 2008
Syracuse NY Area
I have a few of the push-in nipples from FarmTek. The work pretty well but tend to drip. I may try and get the screw-in type next. If you have all the stuff for the rodent nipples you could try it. The only thing I see that may be a problem is that the rodent drinkers are designed to take advantage of the chewing nature of them. Hence the shape of the end. Chickens are pretty smart and they very well could learn to hit that pin just right to get water out of it. Give it a shot & let us know.


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