Why you never try to teach your chickens Karate


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Mar 14, 2009
Regarding DD, need to educate her... She showed up today to stop in and talk a few then said she had to go cuz her BF was in the car. DUH what part of stay off our property doesn't she get?
Found that on another site, but had to laugh and laugh and
yep sure would teach him a lesson.

on the flip side
should be on worlds most scariest
I would love to see the video of the BF being chased off of the property on AFV though.

It is heart breaking to watch a daughter choose to stay in a situation that could have the the level of consequences that this one might have. I feel your pain, DH and I lived through it for a few years, at least our DD's first guy wasn't violent. He was just not very smart in a educated way. I loved the teenage years. My kids were the smartest and funniest people through those years, but dang the young adults thing was the hardest part.
At least you know as a parent that you have done the best you can, and all you can really do is pray that the kids learned enough to survive the next few years. We are now so proud of DD because she has overcome a lot of the self destructive behaviors. She will never be who we thought she was going to be, but at least she isn't supporting a guy that doesn't work, and is a hoarder. My biggest fear was that she would get pregnant by the guy. When that happens the guy will never not be apart of the mothers life, no matter how bad she wants him gone. I just don't understand why people create that kind of life long drama in their lives.

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