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Jul 5, 2009
Well here goes,, it seems like everytime you read about someone losing a chicken to a predator it is for the same reason, not predator proof, i am guilty at one time for that myself, but I learned my lesson, and fixed the problem. Why is it that everyday someone has the same issue, then you get the same answer, it only seems like you would pay attention to other peoples problems and then look at your situation and fix a possible problem. I understand there is always a chance for something to happen, but when you read about the same thing, head pulled thru wire, chicken wire tore open, left the coop door open, why not fix the issue before you loose one of your own, i care about my birds, have alot of sweat and time in them and don't want to feed wild life, for the sake of me not keeping them in a safe place to live. I know some people will not take kindly for this post, and I do feel sorry for them that have lost birds to predators, but i feel more sorry for the poor chickens that die do to people not housing them correctly. Take a good look at your area and figure out if you can prevent a killing and fix it before it happens, don't just post on here what killed my birds, there dead it really doesn't matter, OK, i am ready to take a few hits on this, it is early here and maybe I woke up in a bad mood,, lol,, Good luck to all , and to your chickens,, keep them safe !!

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Everyone has a right to their own opinion here on the forum. It is great to hear yours.....If it were'nt for this forum, I would still know little about chickens, care, housing, etc. I still search this forum weekly it seems for some odd bit of information. Maybe after your first pot of coffee--all will seem better!!!! Hope your day improves!!!
I feel the same way - to a certain extent. I got baby chicks this spring and I have researched about what is best for them, - and everyone has their own ideas of what is best for them. I found this site and it has been a godsend! I have learned more about chicken care from this site than I could have from any book. The thing is, with everyone's varying opinions, it makes it a bit hard to know what is best for my flock. I have read in several different places that it is best to allow the chickens to free-range - they are happier and healthier for it. Well, my chickens are not destined to be dinner on my table nor is thier sole purpose to give me eggs for breakfast (that is just an added bonus). My chickens are part of my family. So I want what is best for them - it is just taking some time to find out what is best. Losing my beloved rooster to what I assume was a hawk has taught me that letting my chickens roam around is NOT best in our situation. I will just have to work harder to make sure they have plenty to occupy them in the run to keep them happy or content at best. One one hand I think it's better for an animal to live a happy life however short that life may be, but on the other hand I am a bit selfish because I can't deal with the thought of losing one.

And as far as feeling bad for the chicken who was killed and not for the person who failed to protect them - I totally agree. I feel HORRIBLE about what happened to my roo. I am haunted my the thought of him suffering or feeling in pain or fear...

So, I can tell you that I am learning from my own mistakes as well as the mistakes of others. I think the problem I am facing is how to make my chicken safe without taking away their happiness.
Hawks are hard to keep away from free ranging, it's the element of surprise they have, i like to let some of my chickens out when i am out doing chores and am within a close range to them, nothing is totally safe, but what I was getting at was the same reasons people post about there birds getting killed or hurt, I hate to loose any myself, but at least I have protected them to the best of my ability, i am the same way as far as raising them for meat, I buy my chicken when I decide to have it. But I do like them eggs. And yes this site has alot of Great People and they have been alot of help to me during my learning process, and am still learning and having fun while doing it
Yeah. My method of keeping my girls happy may differ than theirs. I wouldn't want to live behind bars in a small cell my whole life, if I thought my chickens did too i might as well as buy the factory farm crap from the store.

walk softly, carry a big boomstick. Otherwise have a happy medium and realize that both livestock and predators will suffer losses.
I pasted this from the similar thread:

I have built Fort Knox for my chickens (I hope) , BUT it has been all the people on BYC who have been willing to share their failings, traumas, ignorance, etc.... that has helped me to learn how best to protect and care for their chickens. So it behooves us to not be judgmental, but listen and share what we have learned, that is I think the best part of BYC. I truly thank all those who have been willing to show how that predator got in, what they may have done to get their chicken sick, and risk criticism.

Remember, there are 30,000 (?) members on BYC--we only hear about the ones that have a problem, and there but for the grace.......
They come here for consolation, because very few people "out there" can understand how losing a chicken can be such heartbreak. If it bothers you a lot, sometimes it's best to take a break from predators and pests, and come back with as much sympathy as you can muster.
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