Why's It Always The Kids Pet?


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Aug 27, 2010
That's so sad! I made it through the post, but the photos brought on the tears!!!! Here's hoping Becky the Second helps fill that void....


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May 2, 2011
I am so sorry. This is so incredibly sad. I could barely look at your son with little becky asleep on his neck... knowing he has lost his friend. SO SAD.


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Mar 4, 2011
Clanton, Alabama
Brody's Broodello :

Thanks everyone. Even my Mom who is not into the birds was upset. She said that Becky was the only chicken she liked.

But on a sidenote! Brody will be getting a surprise when he get's out of school today. I PM'd Becky's breeder who has chicks out of Becky's sisters, and we are planning an exchange. I'm sending her Silkie eggs from our show birds for a Becky twin & friends. So hopefully by next wed. we will have a new arrival here to train & love!

I'm sorry for your loss.

I'm curious about how your son reacted when he got home from school and you told him about the exchange.​
Jan 9, 2009
Thanks everyone. it really helps to have others who feel the same way about our feathered friends like we do. After school on the way home , Brody teared up again, saying how much he missed Becky. He buried her today in the yard. Just sad!
I decided not to tell him about the chick until she arrives this way he will be surprised. he did ask if "someday" we could get another just like her. Little does he know that someday is next week!

I love being able to do these little surprises for him. I did the same thing for Christmas. He has been asking for a puppy forever, a dog that will sleep with him. we have other dogs but he wanted one that would be a constant companion. Well I teamed up with another BYC'r and was able to get a Border Collie puppy from one of her litters. Did a lot of covert actitity on that one, so hubby wouldn't be the wise. And was able to give my son a puppy in a wrapped box for Christmas morning. Boy was the family surprised. You would think that me heading out to the barn at 7am Christmas morning in the cold would have been a tip off, that I was up to something, I hate the cold!

I can't wait to get the pics of Brody & the new chick. I will definately keep everone updated! Thanks again!


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Mar 30, 2011
Southeastern Ohio
I'm so sorry, my son is becoming attached to one of our bantams, it would break his heart. Hope your little guy does well. Those pics are soo sweet.
Jan 9, 2009
Well the case of what happened to Becky has been solved. The week before Becky died, I found a Silkie pullet dead in the group. No appearance of illness, just dead. She was sitting in the corner attempting to be broody the night before, then dead in the morning. Then Becky dead in her Kennel house. No illness, fine the night before, dead in the morning. The next day I find another dead silkie cockeral.All birds laying lifeless, no illness, wobbly necks & doa. The birds have been laying off & on, but the egg count was all over the place. But with half the girls trying the broody route, not to odd. Well today my son goes out to open the barn up, and he comes running in that there is a huge snake in the barn and that it crawled under the end of one of the stalls. I went out & saw it for a second, but it wouldn't come back out. We had some errands to run, so when I got back I ran down to the barn to see if the slimy [email protected][email protected]^D had crawled back out. HE SURE DID!!! I found him 2 stalls over, in one of thesilkie breeding pens. Laying halfway in the feed bowl, next to him was one of my best hens(champion featherleg winner last year), dead! The rest of the birds were completely freaked out! I grabbed a flat shovel, pinned him down, had my son run to get his dad. Needless to say, Mr. 64 inch black snake, is no more. He was full of eggs. That is why he killed the hen today to get her off the egg she was brooding. I love it when someone says Don't kill black snakes they are good! Yeah right! This thing would just kill the bird, break it's neck, then crawl off. At least the 6 footer last year that killed one of hubbys best wyandottes tried to swallow it first! Sorry for the rant, but snakes & poultry don't mix, period! Thanks for all your support!

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