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Mar 7, 2009
I'm new!

I'll post more about me and my birds in a bit, but I've got a quick question first:

The incubator I'm using is actually a parrot egg incubator that I wanted to test out with chicken eggs. The instructions with the incubator (a Brinsea Octagon 20 with auto turn and humidity control) say I can set the eggs on the pointed end between the cushion row barriers with the wide end (air sac) up, instead of laying them on their sides like normal. Has anyone tried this with chicken eggs? Should I place them on end or just lay them down naturally?

Thanks and I'll post more tonight!
Hi there. I also have an octagon 20 and have hatched a TON of chickens and ducks out of it. You can do it either way. If I am light on eggs and have the room I lay them down and if I am tight on space, like now, I stand them up. Just make sure the big end is up (this is the air cell side) and you are good to go

Good luck with your hatch....

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