Wife took chicks to daycare, now my Wyandote has a messed up leg *with pics*


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8 Years
Aug 17, 2011
well the topic says most of it this chick was fine when I got to work and when I got home we noticed that one of the chicks she brought to the kids day care now has a leg that is turned way out almost backwards. Any Ideas? what should I do?
well I guess I will have to cull it unless anyone has any other ideas
well I'm wondering if one of the kids dislocated its leg/knee somehow or maybe broke it, should I try to splint it? I can rotate his foot allmost all the way backwards but it does not seem to be in pain until I try to rotate it forwards again.
I would do a search on chick hurt leg at the top in the search area. Also do a search on splay leg which can be fixed. It's important to catch it early. Good luck
I'm sorry that your chick was hurt and didn't survive.

Chicks and little kids do not mix, though. Chicks are not only delicate, but potential carriers of salmonella (and kids are incautiously hand-to-mouth about everything).
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