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    Artificial incubation
    An egg incubator.

    Chicken egg incubation can successfully occur artificially as well. Nearly all fertilized chicken eggs will hatch after 21 days of good conditions - 99.5 °F (37.5 °C) and around 55% relative humidity (increase to 70% in the last three days of incubation to help soften egg shell). Eggs must be turned regularly (usually three to eight times each week) during the first part of the incubation. If the eggs aren't turned, the embryo inside will stick to the shell and may hatch with physical defects. Some incubators turn the eggs automatically. This turning mimics the natural process. An incubating hen will stand up several times a day and shift the eggs around with her beak. However, if the egg is turned during the last week of incubation the chick may have difficulty settling in the correct hatching position.

    Anyone else see problems here.... Where do they get some of this stuff?

    Those humidity numbers to me are way high. High humidity the last 3 days has nothing to do with softening the shell. An turning only 3 times a week? An you stop turning the last 3 days not 7.

    An if all that was right then they still would have way over simplified it.​
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    Rebel, I reckon wiki readers can benefit from your years of wisdom. Make those changes! I don't think you even need to log on to do it.
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    Interesting, maybe I'll follow their directions and see what happpens. Just for fun, when my bator isn't needed to hatch something.

    Wonder what EHOW has, they usually have real duzzies for explanations of things in life.
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    The page is locked... Dont want people to change there wrongness.
    I did post something about it in there "talk section"
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    Do a service and make changes! [​IMG]
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    You can't always trust wiki. Entries are user entered and "correct" only as good as the people editing them. It is easier to go in and have less known pages changed, and we always joked about going in and "correcting" info on some of the topics we knew the students a year behind were going to wiki for the next exam.
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    OK Rebel, I have made some changes and pointed to a OSU document, if you think anything needs changing let me know and I'll do it. I think you need to have been around on wikipedia for a while to make changes on that page, probably it got vandalized.
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    Heres what I put in the talk section.
    The humidity level an ventilation level has to be adjusted to account for outside temp an humidity. 55% is way to high for most of the world. You need the egg to lose about 14% of its weight or the air cell to grow to a set level seen threw candling. You also have to turn at least 3 times a day (not a week) you can turn more but it should always be in odd numbers. You then stop turning on day 18, 3 days before hatching, not a week. At that point you bump the humidity up to 65% to keep the membrane around the chick from completely drying out after the chick cracks the shell.(shell softening has nothing to do with it)

    Yea, its better now. But its the combination of ventilation an humidity that is adjusted relitave to outside humidity an temp to get the egg to evaporate off about 14% of its moisture by day 18. Older eggs need more humidity and/or less ventilation because they have already evaporated some. High humidity an heat places use less humidity an more ventilation. Low heat an humidity places have to use more humidity an less ventilation

    Also eggs are only put on end in mecanical turners. Otherwise they are on there side an marked to hand turned 3 or more times a day(odd numbers.)​
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    We've all got different methods.

    You could argue and edit until you're blue in the face. You could also ask somebody to check your spelling and grammar.
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    Thanks for highlighting this problem

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