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    So, I have always had a knack for being able to touch animals that are otherwise untouchable. I was at Ken's friends house tonight and this really cute kitty runs by and his friend says "That is Michael, we all leave him alone." Guess what? I went around the corner and came back with the cat in my arms. Not for long, but Ken's friends jaw hit the floor. Apparently no had ever held that cat before. Go figure.
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    You've got the touch. watch out if you are out in the wilds. They will come to you too.
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    Aug 4, 2008
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    Critter Karma. They know and sense folks like us.
    Happens to me a lot.
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    My DH has the same knack with animals... they love him ...

    Good for you Debs [​IMG]
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    We have wolf-hybrids. The breed can get rather shy around new people. Not really skittish or scared, just rather shy. One of ours in particular has this trait rather magnified. My husband's best friend I don't believe has ever gotten her to even acknowledge him. When a mutual friend came over to help with a project this same best friend warned him that she wouldn't go near him. He just knelt down called to her, and sure enough, Shimmer just came right to him and was practically in his lap! I truly believe some people have the touch; I think it's because you retain a child-like innocence that the animals respond to. [​IMG]

    BTW, our oldest one, Locket, is the exact opposite, she lays down by the front door all day long just so she can lick to death anyone that comes over. All my kids could say Locket before they could say Mom. [​IMG]

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    yup, I firmly believe some people have "the touch". Mom had it. I once saw her walk up to an animal control cage, with the attendant saying no, no thats a bad dog, going to be put down...Mom just walked up, stuck in her arm and the huge dog just curled around her. Mom was sad she couldn't rescue it, but she explained how a dog like that couldn't be around her kids. That is just one story of many. And yes, every critter in the woods would just show up.

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