Wild Doves have become Pests & Nuisance !


11 Years
Dec 3, 2008
Oroville, Northern California
Wild Doves have become Pests & Nuisance !

When I first moved to this property- approx. 3 yrs. ago; I liked seeing the doves.
The whitish / grey ring necked doves but now they have become a pain to deal with !
They wait and gather to eat my chicken feed. They come into the house when we feed inside.
We've enclosed pen with netting; but even with that they get in !

I can tell they've now brought their young ones out. Several are of good size !
I've heard people eat them but this is not something I wish to do . . .

Any Suggestions ?

Not So Happy Anymore
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A cat? hahaha
You could sell them.. many make great money selling especially white ones for ceremonies, even the white homing pigeons (rock doves) used more often now cause they return, n ring neck/collared doves do not (so those who breed for don't lose time having to continuously breeding more).
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If they are in fact ringnecked doves or any other non-native (introduced) species then you can definitely catch them and sell them as pets legally. Although California has extremely intense pet laws so I'd look into it first just to be sure. Pictures would be nice to be certain of what kind of doves they are. Your story makes it sound like they really like you (trust you) if they'd fly into your home, maybe you should embrace them?


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