wild duck eggs


6 Years
Apr 8, 2013
there is a wild duck that hangs around my office. It used to nest right outside the window but someone moved it and its nest to the woods behind the building a year ago. People feed it all the time so it is always around. Well it lays eggs all over the place and yesterday I just happened upon two eggs in the grass right outside the door. So I scooped them up and poppod them in my incuator with the 6 chicken eggs I have in there. So my concern is over the lockdown and hatching of the chicken eggs. Chicks will hatch a full week before the ducks do so what do I do during lock down and the actual hatching? I only have one incubator. Will the duck eggs be okay for three or four days not getting turned and what about the mess the chicks will make? How can I clean that up with the ducks still incubating? I didnt think any of this through before I put those eggs in there!

And if these duck eggs hatch are wild ducks different? Are they going to be mean? Will they fly away?


6 Years
Mar 27, 2013
waverly ohio
put the duck eggs to one side of the incubator open it slightly to turn, a piece of wood can be used to separate them from the chicken eggs so they don't get messy. replace your cover asap to keep from losing humidity.

on another note, here in ohio if we pick up wild eggs to hatch it is illegal. (you can obtain permits) not sure about where you live.

good luck,

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