Wild duckling ID needed


10 Years
Feb 24, 2009
Snohomish County, WA
So we went for a hike with some friends and apon coming home a neighbor brought some friends over and they handed me a little duckling and asked me to care for it. I have no problems being able and willing to care for a bird. But I have no idea what kind of duckling this is. They said they found it near a fast moving river and that it was all alone with no nest to be found and it was getting dark. So they brought it to me so it wouldn't die. I've got it in a brooder by itself (for now) with some food and water, not to metion a heat lamp over it. On it's back it looks like a Rowan duckling, but it doesn't look like one in the face. Also, it's feet are dark with light colored 'bands' on them. BTW, we're in Western WA.



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Yeah, I just did a google search on mallard ducklings and ran across a picture of a wood duckling and it looked just like this baby. I so hope it's a male. We were going to order wood ducklings but the price was enough to stop me this year. Was planning on it next year though. My boyfriend ties flies for fishing and if this is a boy they would make perfect feathers, lol.
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