wild ducklings abandoned...HELP!


9 Years
Jul 9, 2010
I found three ducklings, parentless, in our small backyard pond (almost puddle). Their parents are gone, and I have no idea where their nest is. I am a chicken person, so I have no idea what to do with the little critters. I need help, for I don't want the little guys to die!
they like cracked corn. I love ducks. they will eat just about anything. make a little pen for them with something they can get in the water, like a low, large bowl, or a kiddie pool with ramps so they can get in and out. or use the little pond you have...
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How old are they? Do they have feathers? How large? What type? Pictures would really help us help you--their needs will depend largely on their age.

The main concerns are: Safety from predators; warmth; nutrition; water. All will depend on age, but are basically the same as for chicks except:

* They should be able to dip their entire bills in the water, so it needs to be at least as deep as their bills are wide. But they do NOT need swimming water and unless they are fully feathered, swimming water can be dangerous for them. They don't really even need bathing water until they get older.
* Eventually they'll need extra niacin in their feed if they're on chick feed, but for now plain old chick feed will do fine.

When you post more information about the babies, we'll be able to help you with more details.
And congrats--they're addictive.
It all depends on how old they are- do they have feathers? If they are very small, I'd give them the chick feed (non-medicated) and some finely chopped greens. If you don't mind putting them in with your chicks for warmth at night I'd do that, or find some other secure area they can sleep and be warm.

Can you share some photos so we can get a better idea what you're dealing with?

Good luck!!
Awww. If theyr'e extremely small or young, you can try finding a mother with some small babies and see if they'll follow her. Otherwise, you've gotten some good advice. The only other option is to find a wildlife rehabber who will taken them off your hands.

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