Wildflowers in Goat Pen


8 Years
Jun 22, 2013
I live in a suburban neighborhood and have 2 nigerian dwarf does. They are currently 10 weeks of age. I have them in a 30 x 30 pen, which they love. Seems like a good amount of space for them. But, I feel there is something missing. I would like to have some more color/beauty in their pen, since it is just a mix of green-brown grass and dirt. I was wondering if i could plant some wildflowers in their pen as something to make it look better. Website here: http://www.americanmeadows.com/wildflower-seeds Would this be safe for the goats? Obvously stay away from poisonous flowers, such as lupines ect. But if i stay clear of those varieties, are there any other downsides? Thanks for any input.
I'd think the goats would just eat the plants. You'd be better off concentrating your attention around the perimeter of the pen. Inside the pen you can make slow feeders or obstacles for them to enjoy, but I think plant life isn't in the cards.
Yea, nice thought, but it won't work. They will decide it is tasty. Two goats in a pen that size might even end up as all dirt soon, as they eat it down to nothing. Don't bother with any shrubbery, either, it'll be bare twigs in a few minutes.

Add toys if you want to add anything. Spools, slides, blocks, etc. to make it more fun for them. They don't care about aesthetics, only what they can jump on.

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