Will a cement trench work??


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May 4, 2011
Will filling a small trench with cement be effective in deterring digging predators?
Has anyone done this?
I am not sure. I use an apron of hardware cloth laid on the ground outside my fence. No digging required. Mine is 2 feet wide and pegged down with landscape staples and tent pegs. I can just mow right over it as the grass grows up through it.

Good luck.
I don't see why not, as long as it's not so small or shallow that they can dig under it. A barrier is a barrier.
I would think so, but depends how deep you go and the predator. It sounds expensive, maybe cheaper than an electric wire but still you might be better off just putting some hareware, poultry, or galvanized livestock type wire down in the ground and/or the bottow of the coop and covering it with sand, wood chips, dirt, or whatever you want. If you put your chickens up at night inside the coop, and pour human urine around the outside of the coop/run area that will prevent a lot of problems with night predators.
Hi! We had access to railroad ties so my husband dug a trench and put them two deep around the chicken runs and attached the fencing panels to them... we used hardware cloth around the base of the coops, like CMV said, to prevent anything from getting under the coops.

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