Will a large rooster be ok with a bantam Brahma rooster if the hen to roo ratio is good?


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Mar 7, 2015
I have a huge Wyandotte rooster
Elvis who is getting older and I'm pretty sure the little bantam Buff Brahma we have is gonna end up being a cockerel not the best picture of Zelda but the comb is getting very big and starting to pink up at only 5 weeks. My question is when Zelda is older will it be possible to let him join the flock with the rest of the chickens Elvis is very docile and we have 26 hens and pullets including his welsummer buddy he thinks is his mom, so there really shouldn't be to much competition for the ladies, or would it be best to just keep 2 coops and add some of my smaller pullets in with Zelda and Cleo, like maybe my Ancona pullet thats small also.
I can't tell you for sure it will work. There are many flocks where it does. It isn't so much about the size difference, as about whether they can reach an understanding. In my experience it does go easier when you add the second rooster while he is still immature and not a challenge to the older rooster. You also need enough room for them to separate themselves when they have a disagreement. I would continue plans in case they can't get along.

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