will be building my run with weekend and have a question

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    I am totally new to chickens. I go my first set of 6 chicks from a friend a little over 2 months ago. I made them a little run with dog panels and mesh so they could be out side while I was taking care of the horses and cleaning the barn. Well one got out under the panels. was lost for 3 days on the other side of the fence, I fianlly lured it back home and caught it. I do not want to ever have that happen again!

    Everyone is getting bigger and I just ordered my "coop" yesterday. I am wanting to build my real run this weekend.

    So, I want to be able to move the run, because I plan on putting in a few new sheds, and I want to able to move the run as the I do stuff to the property. So I am not wanting to bury wire underground for security. Can I actually put a layer of mesh on the ground attched to the bottem of the run?, like make a totally mesh enclosed box? (sorry if im not explaining well), and then put a layer of sand over it, so they are not walking on the mesh? would this work?
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    Quote:Sort of. But it will be real hard to move when you want to move the run; and also because chickens dig so much, they *will* expose and encounter the mesh, probably a whole lot.

    A *much easier* approach would be to take some 2x4" mesh wire fencing, 2-4' wide, and lay it horizontally on the ground outside the run fence. Fasten it well to the bottom of the run fence. Then weight its edge down, or pin down with tentpegs, or put rocks or pavers or concrete rubble on it, or whatever. This will do a good job of deterring predators from digging in, and will pretty well contain chickens that dustbathe too close to the fence and discover they've accidentally dug themselves out.

    A couple other very wise precautions: make sure you have 1" or smaller mesh on the bottom 2-3' of run fencing; if these are dog exercise panels (lightweight) rather than great big heavy chainlink run panels, stake them really securely into the ground (if they're chainlink panels, make sure to use lumber or mesh to close up the gaps left by the rounded corners of the panels); and if you see a chicken starting to dig a dusting hole near the fence, drop a brick or rock or whatever in there, so the hole doesn't get worse.

    Good luck, have fun, welcome to BYC,

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    You might also want to consider a small D-battery powered fence charger hooked to a wire (or wires) around the base of the tractor. This option may cost a little more, but it's a lot more portable. Most "diggers" lead with their nose, and the first zap will usually discourage them. Search "Gallagher Fence Master Jr." or "Zareba Yellow Jacket" for some ideas.

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