Will California's Proposition 2 - Giving Chickens Standing Room & Wing Room -- Become a National Sta

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Mar 7, 2012
Sunday, May 27th's Los Angeles Times has a story about how the Humane Society and egg-farmers are joining forces to set national standards for egg-farming in the United States. Proposition 2 already passed in California demanding this by 2015. Will this soon happen throughout the United States?

Read the article here: Chicken Women or at www.chicken-women.blogspot.com
Thank you for sharing! Those cages looks much better than the standard batteries.
Hope the rest of the battery farms follow.
there was a debate on this in another section. if you read the fine print, it's just another feel-good law. It doesn't actually do much to improve the lives of the birds and actually makes it harder to pass future laws to help the birds. That is part of the trade off for getting the farmers on board.

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