Will chickens from different flock ever fully integrate?


Mar 29, 2017
I have 6 bantams now. 4 were raised together and I just added 2. They are all about 8 weeks old. They aren't fighting much but its like i have 2 separate flocks. The 4 do their own thing and the other 2 do their own. Will they ever warm up to each other? Have only had new ones a couple days.
They will eventually all get along very nicely, though the 2 new ones will still probably stick together.
It took a month or 2 for my 2 additions to fully integrate, and even now, a year later they still like to hang out with each other the most
most chickens will fully intergrate.Some take more practice to get together.
There are some who cannot just leave the together,usually not one whole flock against the other,just individual birds.

Since they are young, they prpbably wont do like flocks of adults ,or chickens brought in as babies.Each batch of chicks I have generally are found together more often.

Their young and probably just nervous.Try throwing treats in the cage and get them rowled up.

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