Will chickens help my depression?

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  1. I have just posted a comment on one of my threads to someone who made me think it might be a good idea to post a new thread asking others if they had found some relaxation and help with their depression from their chickens.

    Will the chickens help me do you think, or am I just doomed to continue taking all kinds of meds for ever. These chickens have got their work cut out I can tell you :)
  2. Well when I feel kinda down I just go outside and watch and hang with my chickens and it makes me feel alot better! I live watching them.run when there lags start flailing around you know . Well for me just looking at the chickens for a few minutes at the window makes me feel better
  3. Agreed! I think that would work! Perfect remedy!
  4. 20736

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    Jun 6, 2012
    If your care giver thinks that having a pet, and pet responsibilities, will improve your condition, then "yes," a pet chicken or three will help as well as a dog or cat would. Check with your doctor.
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    I find owning and caring for chickens a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. Whether they would be a substitute for medications.... only your doctor can advise you on that.
  6. I get them in 4 weeks, not long now, and I am looking forward to them. I worry though that I might let them down, but also feel that I would never let harm come to anything. I have made every effort to make them a home here, and they will have everything the need. I go on youtube every now and again to watch them scratching around and doing silly things. I laugh at them and they are not even my own, so I can imagine really getting a kick out of watching them as each developes its own way.
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  7. They sure are some funny creatures! You'll get a kick out of them if you get a lizard or frog and feed it to them and watch them run around and fight over it! Lol!
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    I definitely think they could be helpful! I am so peaceful and calm when I am out with my chickens and watching them and their individual personalities and goofy behavior make me laugh! I hope they are helpful for you!
  9. I have watched them on videos when they scratch then look down from side to side to see if there is anything there. That makes me laugh every time I see it.
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    Dec 16, 2011
    My chickens ALWAYS help me feel better. It is also very comforting when you kneel down and all of them "preen" you, I have some that will jump up to perch on my shoulder! When I go out, all my sadness seems to disappear!

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