Will egg still hatch?


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Feb 27, 2009
south georgia
I have an egg that was supposed to hatch today, but yesterday another egg was broken in the nest and the hen got off the eggs. They were not cold when I found them, but not as warm as they should have been. I put them all under another broody hen and she is sitting on them. My question is, would that kill the chick, or do I still have a chance it will hatch?
If they're fertile eggs...sure, it'll hatch. I'd give some thought though to putting her eggs under another broody. One experience of mine suggests this.

Had a "missing" hen, thought she'd met her end to a predator. She was tucked away in the barn laying on eggs, found out a day or two before she was making her way through the yard with 14 peeps.

There were a couple eggs still left in the nest and took them to put under another hen that had gone broody and was near two weeks on those eggs. The eggs I'd placed under her hatched within 2 days and she left her original eggs in 3 or four days after that. The second hens eggs went in a box under a light bulb and six of those eggs hatched within a week.

What I ended up with was - peeps that had to be kept warm artificially then put through the introduction phase. And one hens efforts spent on two peeps. And of course the...what I'd call...normal little original bunch of peeps.

Just another of my calamitous adventures of learning to do the chicken thing.

Good luck with yours...
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