Will hatching duck eggs/goose eggs cause the duck or goose to imprint


8 Years
Feb 27, 2011
Just curious. I may be totally making this us in my mind but seems like I have heard this somewhere? Any experience to share?
Geese are more likely to imprint.... and it will work better in smaller numbers. But there is a lot of truth to them thinking the first thing they see is their mother.

Some ducklings or goslings are just a bit more independent than others- and although they will follow you around they are not so demanding of your attention ALL the time.

In larger groups they will bond to each other rather than a person. Take out out of a box of ten and it will want to get back in with the others if it is in hearing range of them.

But there is nothing cuter than a group of goslings following your every step and crying out for you if they are more than a metre away from you.
Yesterday I read that a breeder uses a Turkey to rear his ducks. He says that they are more alert and protective than the mother ducks. It was pretty funny to see a turkey being followed by a bunch of ducks.

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