will it be ok for the eggs to be outside in the cold?


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Oct 8, 2009
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i have 2 hens. one lays in the morning and the other at night. there are around 8 eggs out in the coop and the nesting box is a little plastic dog house. about 2 feet by 3feet. and it has a opening in the front and a small vent in the back. the lows are around 26 degrees this week so would it be fin to leave them out side in the cold? would the hens sitt on them and keep them warm?


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It's OK to leave the eggs outside till you can get them. I work so they get picked up every evening.
If it is so cold that they freeze, that is not a great idea.



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Apr 14, 2009
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If they freeze they will have a strange consistancy when hardboiled or eaten by theirself. They are fine for baking and cooking into stuff.
If they freeze and crack open then the food part of the egg can be contaminated very easily. I know people on here eat them that day, but they don't save them longer. I give those to the dog. Main thing is that they won't keep like an intact egg would. Use 'em that day or feed them to the dog or back to the birds, toss it if you are in doubt.

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