Will layer feed hurt my newer 13 week old girls?


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Jul 14, 2010
New Boston, NH
Hello all, I have 6 older laying hens and a roo in a coop and inside my run in a separate coop are the newer (10 of them) chickens that came to me on May 30th.. so they are about 13 weeks old.. they have all been able to see each other while separated.. Yesterday I let them out into the big run with the others as they are getting so big and all has gone well.. my question is will the layer feed hurt the younger ones if they spot it and eat it? I am trying to keep the feed separate, but it is not 100% guarantee that they will not get into the older girls feed... I realize they should be about 18 weeks before going on layer feed.... thanks all.....
I was just wondering the same thing. I have pullets that vary in age from 1 month to 4 months. How soon do i need to get them on the layer feed if one is ready but others arent and can i switch them all to layer?
You cannot successfully keep the feed separate. Lots of folks have mixed age flocks. 13 weeks is likely too young to be eating the Layer and yes, they'll eat it.

The simple, easiest thing to do is to just feed everyone a Grower or Raiser type feed. Offer your layers some calcium supplement, like shells, on the side, Usually, only their bodies crave the calcium as only they are laying and expelling calcium by laying. Younger birds have no way to excrete all that extra calcium.

Once your younger birds are 18 weeks old, then, if you wish, you could feed everyone Layer once again, although there wouldn't be an absolute need to do so. Thousands of folks never buy/use Layer. Flock Raiser or All Flock is popular as an all age feed. I like a 20% game bird type grower as an all flock feed as well.

Hope that makes it really simple for you.

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