Will light in the coop bring them out of a molt?

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My 12 hens are giving us about 1 egg per day. This has been going on for nearly 3 months. They are molting.....the evidence is there. My question: If we lengthen the light hours per day to 15, will this get them laying again or will it be Spring before we start getting more eggs? I guess if the extra light will help, I'll do it. If not, then I don't see any advantage in adding a coop light. HELP!!
Let them moult. Extra light will not usually help a thing with that. It's just gotta happen. Extra protein, however, would help them regrow those feathers, in due time. I believe a 24-28 percent game bird would be a great help. Just my $.02

I really appreciate your 2 cents. Will try the high protein feed. I'm still wondering if it'll be next Spring before we get eggs?? That's ok, I'll let the girls do their thing, but am wondering what to expect....what's the norm?
You can supplement light, just a few hours, before dawn, by using a timer.

That said, I'd wait until after Christmas. They simply need some down time and re-charging. The energies right now are in re-feathering and believe me, they'll be beautiful when they are done. Give them another month to accomplish this.

Then? Sure, when they are back to full feathering and strength, nothing wrong with a little light therapy. BTW, this is pretty much what many good breeders do. They rest their birds, allow them to moult in November and December and then? It's time for February hatching season. For what it is worth.
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