Will my chickens get sick from Rain?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by GraceHomestead, Jul 3, 2016.

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    Jun 21, 2016
    Ok so we have been building our chicken house/coop/run and my husbands cousin said she HAD to get rid of her chickens asap because of city laws.
    So my hubby jumped in the truck and got them! Ugh they are awesome almost 5 month old and so big and healthy looking! (My friend just couldnt believe they were pullets) They are used to kids and being handled since chicks and there are 5 pullets and a roo (very very new so hope I am calling them right)
    We have the coop almost done but the roof ugh it started raining and had to put a tarp up.
    There are three nice size dog houses in there and two perches.....so it is Raining so much that it filled my horse trough in an hour!!! And of coarse the water built up on the tarp and collapsed.
    The chickens are roosting on the perch that is now being rained on!! Ugh they are soaked!! Half the building is covered with the tarp! The other perch is covered and still they stay in the rain!
    Do I go and move them?! Its raining so much I tried to climb the latter and get the fallen tarp BUT I just sank ugh!!!!
    Here is the picture I took today. Hardware cloth is going where the orange is! [​IMG]
  2. Birdmania

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    May 1, 2016
    just getting a little wet should not make them sick. Is it cold where you are? If so keep them as warm as possible and yes get them out of the rain but if it is warm just ensure that they can get under cover if they want and leave it up to them.

    Edited to say this is just my opinion.... Take it with a grain of salt and remember that I am new to this as well
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    If you can move them to the other perch where it's not raining on them naturally that will be better. Once they get hunkered down for the night they're pretty much there. Since it's raining on them they're probably hunkered down even more. They won't be wondering around looking for a drier spot. I don't think they have that high a level of a thought process to figure "Hey, we can go over to that perch and be out of the rain". :)

    Having said that, some chickens roost in trees...and they don't check the weather report before they do.

    Best wishes,
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    Mar 15, 2010
    On the MN prairie.
    How long has it been raining? A little rain won't hurt them, but for hours on end... they should have the choice to get out of the rain if they wish. also, if they're soaked to the skin and the wind comes up, they could get too cold, even if it's warm where you are. My other concern would be predators. With no cover from the top, a raccoon, hawk or owl could snatch them right off the roost.
  5. Beekissed

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    And, no, they won't get sick from the rain....not unless they are already compromised in their health in some manner, a healthy chicken in the middle of summer is not going to get sick from being soaked to the skin. My flock stay out in soaking rains for hours just foraging and will seek shelter as needed..... but if it's going to rain all day, they just stay out in it.
  6. Intheswamp

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    Mar 25, 2009
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    GH, I'm just curious how you handled the situation. How are the chickens this morning?


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