Will My Cracked Egg Still Hatch?

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    Wouldn't wax be hot? I have a Jersey Giant sitting eggs she has broke them, I wanted so babies so bad so out of 13 eggs, I have 9 of which one is for sure has a dent in it, I was just going to see if it lives.

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    Jun 4, 2011
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    I paint over cracks and dents with an art sponge brush and Elmer's glue. I have hatched a few Elmer's over my life incubating, it seems to work really well, and be brittle enough for them to pip through.
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    Jun 29, 2008
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    this is a great thread...my broody abandon her nest and we had to make a quick styrofoam incubator and i had just got done candleing all the eggs, all alive and then i go and drop a thermometer and boom badly cracked egg, i still am a little concerned cause when i pulled it out along one bad crack there appeared to be a little blood but i waxed it anyways then re-candled and it was still alive, dented right where the chick was sitting too. so i guess we will hope this works and candle it tomarrow. Thanks for the great info though........i really hope it works for us!!
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    Apr 10, 2013
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    This is great help!! So glad I found this thread today, as I too was in egg crisis mode! My egg is 14 days and I was candling it and dropped it!!! I'm devastated and instantly thought it was dead, but I checked and it's still moving. The only problem is that it's banged up pretty bad and the crack is almost all the way around the large end of the egg. There was a little blood seeping from the crack so I don't know if it's too severe to glue or wax or not?! I was told to put scotch tape around it? Then remove the tape (as best you can) on day 21 after candling and confirming it's went into the air sac. Please help!
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    Feb 8, 2013
    I was carrying my chick egg to candle it and as I was placing back in the nest, I dropped it and I made a pretty bad dent, but no liquid came out. I put a couple band aids and tape, and I later removed that stuff and poured candle wax on the dent and the cracks. Will my chick make it?
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    One of my silkie eggs is cracked on the small end (I think another chicken stepped on it) none of the pieces of shell are displaced and the cracks are small and go about half way down the egg vertically. They will hatch later this week. Should I wax it or leave it? I candled it and didn't see any definate movement but the eggs are so close to hatch day it's hard to tell
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    Feb 8, 2013
    I think u should put candle wax just to be safe and prevent bacteria from entering
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    Jun 21, 2012
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    Hi. D:/id this chick make it? I knocked an egg against the candler tonight and cracked it pretty badly. I put tape on all of the cracked places and now see that I should have used something else. I'm pretty worried about it because it still has a good week before hatching. I guess I will try to remove the tape tomorrow and wax it, then just hope it will be okay.
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    Found a crack in one of my eggs while candling last night. So happy I found this thread. I was going to cull that chick, but now I am going to go put some wax on that bad boy! I will keep this updated if that egg hatches!
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    For anybody worried about chemicals, but still interested in using the wax... after reading this thread I will be stopping at my local hobby store to pick up some canning wax. Canning wax is food-safe and shouldn't have any toxins to worry about.

    Thanks for a great thread!
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