Will my ducks choke?


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Sep 19, 2011
I just introduced my ducks to the chicken run today. My 3 khaki Campbells (supposed to be female) are 5 weeks old, and will be living with my 5 assorted breed hens. Yesterday they all free ranged together, I was worried about the duckies, but they were pushing my hens around! Now they are all in the run, and seem fine socially - the hens are keeping their distance. The thing is the ducks are eating all the weeds etc. that I threw in while gardening, I'm worried they are too small to be doing this, is that silly? They are wolfing down some big stuff!
Of course the chickens are hanging out in the new space I made for the ducks, and the ducks are where the chickens usually go :)
I myself would be a little concerned since they are just five weeks. So is the night temperature around 65 to 70 F? Or do you have a heater in the coop?
As long as you have water available, your ducks should not choke. I think they know how to "bite off more then they can chew". Everywhere I've read said if you have food out, having water is a must. But having water out does not mean having food out is a must. Over all, where there is food, there has to be water, and with that they should be fine.
Good Luck!!!!!
The night temps are still below 50, I was thinking they would snuggle in the hay but decided to keep bringing them in the garage until it warms up more. Thanks for the advice.
They do have water in the run but don't go drink it. I use nipple waterers inside the coop, which they have always used in their brooder, but they don't go in and out of the coop unless I herd them in or out! They haven't tried the nipple waterer in the coop at all. I also set up a 10 gallon tote for them to use in the run but it's the same story there. I'm hoping it's just the newness/big scary world effect. That's the other thing, they are terrified of me even though I've handled them from day 1! The chickens run to me but the ducks run away!

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