Will my roo always be this way?


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May 25, 2009
Long Island, New York
So my rooster is 24 weeks old and is busy with his 5 hens, courting, mounting, dancing, biting, but also the good things.....finding them food and looking out for predators. I was wondering if roosters continue this behavior till they grow old or do they slow down?
My oldest roo is a year and a half and he still acts just like that.
My roo is not elderly. He'll be 18 months old in a few days. He has slowed down for winter and molting, but he's a very busy boy in the spring.
Oh and he doesn't bite. He tried that one time. It didn't work out well for him.
This roo is 10 years old. Compared to his younger days, he doesn't do nearly as much courting, mating, or crowing. He will still find the hens food, though, and the hens still come running. However, he is the first one to head back to the roost and go to bed each evening! With or without the rest of the flock (usually without).

He really is a great rooster. Always has been one of my favorites!

5 hens is not considered very many for one roo. If the issue is that he's "too much" for them (bare backs, scratches, etc), it could be the ratio.

Not sure if that's what's behind your question but I thought I'd throw it out there.

My roo is a first-year roo, and he has thirteen girls, which is supposed to be a few too many. But it keeps him occupied and out of trouble, and the girls look good.
I would NOT say 13 is at all too many, it's more like it's not enough for two roos yet... but not at all too many for one.

Given a choice, I wouldn't want to get two till there were closer to 20 hens... but that depends on the roosters too.

//edit// Lady Cluck, that is one handsome Roo!!!
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mrbstephens, I would say that he started "slowing down" around 6 years old, and each year that passes he gets a little more mellow.

Thank you! In his younger days he had a beautiful long black tail, but now he can't seem to grow it longer than it is now or keep it from looking frayed. He likes to spend his afternoons napping under a prickly blue spruce tree, which I'm sure doesn't help his feathers. Oh well, he is a wise old rooster and can wear his tail as he pleases!

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