will my semi wild mallards go in there nest i made?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by jdroach04, Oct 27, 2014.

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    Oct 27, 2014
    Hi, so i'm getting a little nervous its starting to get cold and my two ducks male and female, wont go in there nest i made. what it is, is a barrel on its side i cut out holes in the front and back camouflaged it well, filled it with straw around the whole in side, and its up on a pole maybe 8 feet off the ground next to our pond. i got the pair as babies this year in April, when a man who had them in a tote didn't want them,i was totally unprepared and have never had ducks but i felt my home with a pond all to themselves was a way better future, i can feed them and they come up to me but i cant hold them or anything, i'm just getting worried about them getting cold the temp at night is now 35 degrees, do mallards live in the snowy weathered places? idk someone shed some light on my ducky's who i'v grown to love very much. thank you for the help!!
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    I don't think I would have put the nest that far off the ground. When we had mallards, their house was on ground level. Maybe lower it a bit?
    Also, ducks don't always care that you built them a nest box. Sometimes they just do their own nest and ignore yours. A place to get out of the weather might be better.

    As for cold, yes, mallards live in cold, snowy places where the temperature gets well below 0F (-18C). In Iowa, our mallards were fine even when the temperature was far below 0F (often −20F, −28C). The only problem we had was water freezing in their pans. If your pond is open year-round, they will be fine.
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    Mallards can be a pain; they are extremely persistent and willful.
    They tend to do what they like but can be trained to use the shelter that's for them- however in your case you'll likely find it impossible as herding them into something so high off the ground is not going to be easy!

    Shelter on the deck and put them in it every night - put a door on it so that they are secure from predators at this time. Also so they can't come straight back out once you turn around!

    Keep at it and they will get into the routine - they'll only use it during the day if things get really cold (or if you're cleaning it out if they're anything like mine!).

    Good luck with them, and remember, the more quality time you spend with them; the more they will accept you and the routine you give them.

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