Will my Turkey Eggs Still Hatch? Problem at Lockdown


10 Years
Mar 14, 2012
Central Texas
I consider myself very good at incubation. Using a Farm Innovator incubator I have 100% hatchs most of the time. This is a mistake I have never made. While preparing my incubator for lockdown I set my eggs in a still air to keep them warm while I set my hot damp sponges in and set some paper towels down over top the wire. I set all my eggs back into the Farm Innovator for lockdown. I set the top back on. Before bed I checked the temps 99.7. Pretty good. I said good night. When I got up this morning the temp was down to 90. I freaked out and turned up the heat and waited, very little change and very erratic. Then I noticed the problem. One of the viewing windows had fallen out. All night these eggs sat with a wide open window. I found the window on the floor behind the table. I finally got the temps to settle at 100.0 and the humidity is climbing. Has anyone else had this kind of fluctuation in temps at lockdown? What was your hatch rate after these fluctuations. Well I guess I'll know by Sunday.
Good to hear they are progressing. Humidity and temp changes before any have externally pipped is not so critical as after.
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Last night before bed 6 had pipped. this morning I have 5 babies, 1 zipping and 2 more pipped. The one that pipped at the wrong end didn't make it. I did an eggtopsy and found a nicely developed chick, but it had 2 or 3 days left of yolk. He started to early. Poor little guy. 14 more turkey eggs and one little Old English Game Bantam egg to go. The Turkeys weren't due until Monday and the little bantam yesterday. Ill probably be hatching for the next couple days at least.

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