Will my turkeys ever be nice to each other


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Feb 5, 2015
Middle of nowhere
Hi. so this may i hatched i hatched 12 bourbon red/slate cross turkeys. the mother turkey hatched them and raised them until october or so and then a fox killed her. the 12 turkeys are big now. i still have 12 of them. 8 toms and 4 girls. but the toms have started picking on each others head and im afriad their gonna hurt each other!!! is there something i can do except get rid of them
Tom's will repeatedly fight, the pecking order will change each time, and the fighting will begin again. With the number of hens you have I would go down to one Tom.
I also have two toms and one just reached maturity and the fighting is brutal. I keep them separated right now.

Btw do either of you know how to create a new thread on the mobile version here? I just joined last week. Do I need to wait a while before I can create my own new threads? Or do I have to use the desktop version?
Go to the forum you want to post in and in the upper right corner hit the right pointing arrow, then select start a new thread, before you post your first post you will be prompted to read the rules.

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