Will new feathers ever come back?

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    May 16, 2010
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    I had a flock of 8 with one younger rooster. Once old enough he began to mount the hens very often. he would actually come out of the coop first in the morning and wait for the first hen to come out. They would wait in the coop until one finally decided to chance it. I finally decided enough was enough and got rid of him. By that time two of the hens had lost many feathers on their back and still have not grown new ones. It has now been at least 6 months. Will these feathers ever come back or will the hens be barebacked for the rest of their life. Thank you
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    Mar 12, 2011
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    They will come back but it may be after they molt. Also are sure that some other hen isn't picking the new feathers as they try to come through?
    I have had this happen, they seem pluck them out before they can come back. May want to put something on the bare backs.
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    we had a roo do that, the hens were so bald, uugghh they looked terrible. sick even. he never left them alone for a minute. eventually the feathers grew back, but it took a long time. the above poster is right that some of the hens will pick and peck the new feather out before they have a chance to grow back fully. get one of those treat blocks, to keep them busy. it may help.

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