Will she always be "The Crazy Chick"?


9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
Camden County NJ
I have 5 beautiful EE pullets and 4 are starting to tame really nicely and would probably me much tamer by now if it wasn't for Crazy Chick. Everytime I put my hand in the brooder, she freaks out, runs, flaps and squaks. If I pick her up she acts like I am killing her. The others still run a little and chirp, but once she gets going and is running into them, they start to panic with her. Anyone ever turn a Crazy Chick into a nice tame chick? Does she just need more time? Do I need to seperate her so she doesn't keep panicking the others?

Here she is, she was the only one upset by the photo shoot and wouldn't stop talking the whole time, lol.

I can't wait to hear the answer- because all four of my EE (I think they are) became crazy about 2 weeks ago. They are about her age too, maybe 1 week older. They act like I'm killing them. I hold them, then get tired of it all. LOL.
I have a pair of crazy chicks (about the same age as yours) that where hatched out by a crazy hen. I go out of my way to hold and pet them several times a day, maybe offer them some tiny bits of corn, or even just their regular feed. They seem to be taming down a bit, but it's slow going. I'd just be patient with her and hold, talk too, and pet her as much as possible
wait until they start laying, then they'll be nice! we had one who would scream bloody murder if we tried to catch and hold her. once she started laying, she became very friendly. she died a few months ago, i really miss her, she was always the loudest hen and let her feelings be known. my daughter and i held her on our laps and kissed her and petted her the day before she died for at least a half hour on our swing. sadly, we didn't know at the time that she was very sick. but at least we spent time with her and she seemed at ease and happy for the attention.
I have two brooder boxes (because of a two week age difference). When I got the Dominiques, they were almost two weeks old and not very fun because the screeched and flapped whenever I tried to do anything in the box or pick them up. I just ignored it and held them once a day (not too much). Now that they are 5 weeks old they will perch on my hand or arm and I can carry them tucked up against me to their temporary outside pen. You may always have a 'crazy chick', but maybe not.

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