Will She Brood With A Lot Of Commotion?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by FunnyBunnies12, Sep 15, 2010.

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    My girl has 6 eggs in the dog igloo as their nesting/cage area it's right under our kids trampoline enclosed with chicken wire and organize it cube panels, they are usually pretty calm and don't care if kids are jumping, they go about their business as usual. However I'm beginning to wonder if she will ever brood her eggs as long as kids are jumping above. She is so laid back and don't care and doesn't feel threatened. But I'm beginning to wonder, granted she isn't done laying yet because she gave me an egg today, made up for the one I dropped this morning, but I didn't take it to incubate. But have your ducks brood with alot of activity?
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    They usually try to find a quiet place to hide in. The kids activity may cause stress and may prevent her from brooding. On the other hand some ducks just lay eggs and never go broody ever. Not even once in their life. They rely on other ducks taking care of things for them. In duck colonies the hens very often share one nest. They all lay eggs but only one will sit on them. They are not very picky when it comes to who laid the egg. Young hens may not even go broody at all in the first year. There is just no telling of what is going on.
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    It's like she's quacking the quack, but not woddling the woddle. She lays, she sits for a bit, then off for the entire day, but she does move them, hides/covers them. So the instinct is there to do everything else but lay on them. But, as you've told me numerous times she'll sit when she's done laying and desides in her own time to lay not mine. So, we'll wait and see what she'll do. Most of the day it quiet, with kids in school she isn't bothered, but she still leaves and hasn't sat. But, again she gave me another gift today.
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    Sounds normal so far to me. My Muscivy girls don't sit until they have layed a dozen eggs and then they sit and lay a few more just for good measure I guess.

    The rolling and covering them is first steps in preparing to sit. So I think she is quacking the quack and woodling the woodle.
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    Some types of ducks are broodier than others. My Pekin has never even gotten the notion to brood. Has laid an egg every day for almost 9 months.

    The Muscovy will go broody any time she collects enough eggs or egg like objects under her. Once her bird brain clicks into broody mode she doesn't care what is going on. Once, she starts pulling out her fluff to insulate the nest there is no going back.

    What kind of duck do you have? Has she gone broody before?
  6. FunnyBunnies12

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    This is her first time laying, she is I believe a Rouen. She is approximately 5 1/2mths old. I'm incubating 9 out of her 15 eggs, I have 9, she has in her igloo 7 and still laying. The ones in my incubator on day 4 look to be fertile and starting to develop, at least a couple/few that I saw do. So I'm really hoping she broods SOON with the ones she has and probably will still lay.

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