Will she catch cold?


9 Years
Jun 7, 2010
Portland, OR
My silkie Mama has been in the basement, with a heat lamp for a bit when the chickies were small, and then not for about w weeks but still in the room where the heat lamp was over some younger chicks. It was pretty warm, but still an unheated basement. She was down there for about 2 months in all and has significantly reduced in feathering, through brooding and then raising the chicks.

She has shown she is done raising the chicks so I returned her to the flock. I am worried because she got pretty wet today and beside her sister, looked more waterlogged and not as water-resistant.

I am worried she will catch cold being less accustomed/ prepared for the elements. Its about 40 degrees and she is sleeping in a nesting box inside the coop. Should I bring her in tonite, as she is wet?
she will probably be fine, -- there's been MUCH rain and LOTS of standing water here, and some of my frizzles have gone to roost while absolutely soaked through. Unless it's supposed to get a lot colder than your approximate 40 degree temps she'll probably dry gradually through the night and not get too cold.
Thank you so much for answering! I was starting to think peeps were ignoring my posts!

And thank you for the input, I thought she would probably be ok, I was worried mostly because she was downstairs for so long and lost a lot of her fluffiness.

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