Will she come back??

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    May 5, 2017
    Chicken Missing Lost by Attack, Hour 49

    We love free ranging our chickens, but one day a stray sausage dog attacked them. Our chickens are about one year old. Luckily we scared away the sausage dog, but she injured Chickiepop, making a gash right above her tail and a couple marks under her wing. We tried wrapping her up in a bandage but the bandage always comes off. It is scabbing over, so we are hoping it will heal like that. The poor thing has been the victim of pecking from the other chickens as well, (feather pecking probably due to nutrient deficiency, so we supplied sunflower seeds, and put a pecking bit on the bully) she has lost many feathers on her rump. Such a strong sweet little thing.

    Another one of our chickens Chlose (pictured in the image) [​IMG]

    was spooked by the attack and ran away.
    We found the other two chickens who had also run away in our neighbor's yard, but Chlose was no where to be seen. It has been two nights and three days.
    Is there any hope of her coming back? She likes jumping on everything and she is quite smart. We live in an area with many predators, near the woods, and many trees.
    She knows where home is because every night she used to return home, and we close her up in the coop for the night. Our neighbors are all on the alert and we love her so much, all we want is for her to come back home.
    She had always been the chicken who ran for me when I came outside, she has even jumped on my back when I was kneeling down to feed the others.
    Today it began to rain, and we hoped she would come for shelter, but no sign of her today either.
    We appreciate any replies, thank you in advance :)

    (Didn't quite know what category to put this under, but I suppose it is kind of like behavior? I just want to get this up, sorry!!)
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    After 3 days...probably not much hope.....but yo never know, have read a few stories where thy came back a week or more after attack.
    It's bummer, sorry.
  3. ChloChlochicki

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    May 5, 2017
    Thank you for your reply. We really hope she comes back. We told our police station and hung up signs for her. There is currently a lot of greenery and places she could hide, but it is possible she is gone. It really is a bummer, just staying hopeful!

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